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Broken Denture

Do You Have a Broken Denture?

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Broken dentures can cause serious disruption in a denture-wearer’s daily activities, as a broken denture can force a person to go about his or her daily activities without the presence of teeth; the simple normal activities of eating, chewing, or even smiling will be difficult to manage without the presence of the dentures. Taking care of dentures will go a long way in avoiding broken denture problems, but accidents do happen – and it would be beneficial for a denture wearer to know what to do, in case dentures get broken.

The most common cause of a broken denture problem happens when the denture accidentally falls on a hard surface – for example, the denture may accidentally fall to the hard surface of the sink, or the floor, when the dentures are taken out to be cleaned. Dentures that have loosened with the passage of time can also fall accidentally and abruptly when the mouth is opened. The fall to a hard surface can cause the dentures to be broken or to be cracked, in which case the wearer will not be able to use them properly until they get repaired.

It may be tempting to try making repairs to broken dentures without going to the dentist – but this act may just cause even more damage to the broken denture. The best thing to do with a broken denture is to bring it to the dentist as soon as possible, so the necessary repairs can be made in the soonest possible time as well. Depending on the extent of damage to the broken denture, a few hours in a dental laboratory may be enough to repair the damage, and will result to dentures that look brand new – and smiles that can be flashed brightly once more.

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