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Decayed Teeth

Do You Have Decayed Teeth or Think You Have Gum Disease?

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Decayed teeth can develop when bacteria normally present inside the mouth interacts with food particles, acid, and saliva to form plaque – especially if good oral hygiene is not practiced or maintained. The plaque can form a sticky film on the surface of the teeth, and even the gum line – if not removed in its earliest stages, the plaque can lead to the destruction of the tooth enamel and to decayed teeth, as well as a host of other dental problems in the long run.

How to Avoid Decayed Teeth

  • Good oral hygiene will play a key role in preventing decayed teeth. Proper and regular tooth brushing, and the use of dental floss, will help ensure that the teeth will stay as far away from plaque formation as possible.
  • Regular dental checkups will help in checking that even the earliest signs of decayed teeth will be monitored – and the necessary preventive measures can be taken by the dentist to ensure that the problem does not have a chance to progress.
  • Avoiding food and beverages high in sugar and acidity can help avoid the formation of plaque o the surface of teeth, and prevent the occurrence of tooth decay.

It is important to have decayed teeth concerns checked as soon as possible by a dentist, as tooth decay in its earliest stages will be easier to deal with and treat. Decayed teeth that have been left untreated for a long period of time will progress into a more serious dental problem, and can even lead to tooth loss or gum problems. The treatment for decayed teeth will depend on the severity of the tooth decay problem – decayed teeth concerns that have progressed may normally need more complicated dental treatments.

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