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Impacted Teeth

Do You Have an Impacted Tooth Emergency?


The Impact of Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth can definitely have a huge impact on one’s life – in a really unfortunate way. When a tooth is impacted, it does not have the ability to fully grow out from, or erupt out of, the gum line; the prevention of this natural upward movement will cause the tooth to find another way of moving – usually resulting to a sideways motion.

The discomfort that impacted teeth in can bring can wreak havoc in a person’s daily activities; in some cases, the pain can be so severe, that a person with an impacted tooth will not be able to function normally, and will just be consumed with the thought of finding a solution to the severely uncomfortable experience.


What are the Symptoms of Impacted Teeth?

  • Swollen and red gums in the area surrounding the location of the impacted tooth
  • Painful gums, which can become infected if treatment is not done quickly
  • Persistent jaw ache, or headache
  • Visible gap or space where the tooth did not fully erupt from under the gum line
  • Bad breath


Video: TMJ Problems (Jaw Joint Problems)

  • When the jaw opens, there are two movements involved
  • A rotation and a sliding.
  • Cartilage between the bones smoothes the movement.
  • Sometimes as cartilage wears, it may click during the opening.


Impacted Teeth Diagnosis

Proper diagnosis will pave the way for an effective impacted teeth treatment by a dentist. An Acorn Dental Care dentist will perform a thorough dental examination to check if an impacted tooth is pressing on other teeth, or if an infection has already started in the gums surrounding the impacted teeth. To confirm the presence of an impacted tooth (or teeth) that have not emerged from under the gum line, dental x-rays can be taken of the mouth area.

Treatment of Impacted Teeth

When the impacted tooth does not cause any dental problems – or if the affected tooth does not seem to pose any dental problems from developing in the future – no treatment is necessary, and the tooth is left just the way it is.

Pain relief medications that are available over-the-counter can be used to alleviate the pain and discomfort that impacted teeth can bring to a patient’s life. Commercial anti-bacterial mouthwashes, or even a warm saltwater mouth rinse, can temporarily relieve an impacted tooth pain.

Tooth extraction is recommended for an impacted tooth that has already been infected, or is causing too much discomfort for the patient. The removal of the affected tooth is also necessary in cases when it is (or will have the tendency to) pushing against the other teeth surrounding it.


Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

  • Grinding the teeth can cause wear.
  • The canines and the front incisors wear first.
  • The enamel can be lost exposing the soft dentine underneath.

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