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Jaw Ache

Do You Have a Jaw Ache?

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Jaw Ache

Jaw ache can prevent someone from leading a normal life – especially if the pain and discomfort that the aching jaw brings is persistent. It is important to know the underlying causes of jaw ache, so that Acorn Dental Care dentists in Slough Berkshire can provide the proper treatment and management – and so the patient can say goodbye to all the pain and discomfort that a persistent jaw ache can bring.

What are the Symptoms of Jaw Ache Problems?

Stiff Jaw – Those who have jaw ache problems usually feel an abnormal stiffening of the jaw area; in this case, it may be painful or very difficult to open and close the mouth in a normal way, since the stiffness prevents normal functioning of the jaw (and the jaw joint).

Pain in the Jaw Area – Jaw ache sufferers experience pain the in the jaw area. The pain may be persistent, or may go away for a short period of time – only to come back and haunt the sufferer once more.

Clicking/Cracking Sound – Another jaw ache symptom involves a cracking or clicking sound when the jaws are moved – for example, when the mouth is being opened or closed. The cracking or clicking sound of the jaws may be accompanied by discomfort, and a feeling that something is not right with jaw movement.

Jaw Locking – The jaw joint of jaw ache patients can be locked for a few seconds to a few minutes; during this time, the patient will not be able to move the jaw – it will not be possible to either close or open the mouth when the jaw is “locked” for a few uncomfortable moments.

Severe Headache – Severe headache results when the jaw joint is not working properly, and when additional pressure is put onto the jaw because of movement difficulties.


What Causes Jaw Ache?

Teeth Problems – Tooth decay can cause pain in the jaw area; other teeth problems that can cause jaw ache patients include damaged dental fillings, loose dental crowns, or misaligned teeth.

Gum Problems – Gum infections and other gum problems can cause extreme pain in the jaw area, and can also lead teeth to become loosened in the long run.

Facial Injury – Jaw ache can result of an injury to the face, especially if the jaw area has directly been hit or injured.

Jaw Misalignment – Jaws that are not properly aligned can lead to incorrect movement; this movement will in turn lead to pain and discomfort for the patient, along with a persistent clicking/cracking sound whenever the jaw joint is moved.

Medical Conditions/Other Diseases – Medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, or neuralgia, can cause jaw ache. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the jaw joint may have a tendency to degenerate over time – and will lead to painful jaw joint movements.


The Impact of Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth can definitely have a huge impact on one’s life – in a really unfortunate way. When a tooth is impacted, it does not have the ability to fully grow out from, or erupt out of, the gum line; the prevention of this natural upward movement will cause the tooth to find another way of moving – usually resulting to a sideways motion.

The discomfort that impacted teeth in can bring can wreak havoc in a person’s daily activities; in some cases, the pain can be so severe, that a person with an impacted tooth will not be able to function normally, and will just be consumed with the thought of finding a solution to the severely uncomfortable experience.

What are the Symptoms of Impacted Teeth?

  • Swollen and red gums in the area surrounding the location of the impacted tooth
  • Painful gums, which can become infected if treatment is not done quickly
  • Persistent jaw ache, or headache
  • Visible gap or space where the tooth did not fully erupt from under the gum line
  • Bad breath

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