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Sports Injury

Do You Have Problems with Your Gums or Teeth as a Result of a Sports Injury?

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A sports injury to the teeth can occur when accidents happen while one is engaged in sports, especially those activities which involve heavy physical contact with other athletes or players. Dental sports injuries may involve the mouth, teeth, the tongue, the lips, the jaws, or the soft inner lining of the mouth; any damage to these parts will need to be seen to and treated by an emergency dentist to ensure that more serious complications will be prevented from developing. It is crucial to bring a sports injury patient to the dentist within a few minutes of the accident, to ensure that the injury is dealt with in the soonest possible time – and to ensure the overall safety of the patient’s well-being.

Dental trauma caused by a sports injury can be avoided by being vigilant when engaging in sports; however, additional protection may be needed when the sports involved requires one to have direct physical contact with other players. Whenever applicable, a helmet can be worn to protect the whole head, jaws, neck, and mouth area from being injured during sports activities that involve a lot of physical contact.

A mouth guard can also be worn to protect the teeth, the tongue, and the inner lining of the mouth from injuries during sports. The most effective mouth guards are those that are custom-made from the dentist, since these mouth guards provide the most comfortable fit as they are specifically created in a laboratory based on the patient (or athlete’s) own mouth measurements. Mouth guards that do not fit properly may actually add to a sports injury, and may not be able to provide the necessary protection to an athlete.

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